BCW series

BCW series

reflective color-changing temperature label (BCW series) Properties and application Reflective color-changing temperature label (BCW series) has a unique color temperature display, reflective display and temperature recording function, which has a...

reflective color-changing temperature label (BCW series) 

Properties and application

Reflective color-changing temperature label (BCW series) has a unique color temperature display, reflective display and temperature recording function, which has adhesive sticker used in the connection parts of substation bus bars, or pasted to the connection between bus and device terminal and the contacts of disconnecting switch. Moreover, it can also be pasted to the shell of transformer, capacitors, motors and other electrical equipment, used to monitor the temperature of bus connection and electrical equipment shell. Once the monitoring temperature reaches or exceeds the rated temperature, the  temperature label will immediately change the color and displays the over-temperature on the  temperature label, especially at nigh. It has reflective display function. Whether it is in the day or at night, the temperature change is easy to be found in the inspection process, so that repairers can identify the hidden trouble and prevent the occurrence of accident.

If the temperature monitoring parts change the color due to high temperature, the cooling temperature label will not restore the original white, thus recording the status. In order to respect the habits of power transformation sector over the years, the color changes of reflective color-changing temperature label manufactured by our company are as follows: from white to yellow at 60°C, from white to green at 70°C, from white to red at 80°C, from white to black at 90°C, and from white to blue at 100°C. Such changes overcome the problem of the same color under different temperature.


1. Reflective color-changing  temperature label (BCW series) is in the form of labels, and as long as the appropriate rated temperature is selected, it can be directly pasted in the bus connector, switch, transformer shell and other parts to monitor the temperature. The pasted sites shall be clean, dry; press firmly when pasted.

2. If you want to know the gradual increase of temperature in the monitoring parts,  temperature label with two or more rated temperature points can be pasted; BCW-678 type, BCW-789 type (each containing three kinds of temperature) can also be used.

3. Note:

a. Paste the temperature label in case of no electricity in the wire and cable or other monitoring parts according to safety regulations. If it is pasted in power, use the appropriate level of insulation stick.

b.Temperature label used in the outdoor shall be pasted to the back of the rain to avoid sun and rain and prevent the accelerated aging of temperature label

Storage and service life 

1. Temperature label shall be stored at room temperature. It is non-toxic and tasteless without stimulation against the skin; place it away from heat (such as radiator and electric furnace).

2. Due to the complexity of application site, temperature label keeping white can be used for 5 years indoor and 2 years outdoor in the monitoring parts in case of normal temperature and normal environment. Those with changed color due to over-temperature shall be repaired and replaced timely.